HairOnPurpose 10 Week Series 

HairOnPurpose is excited to share that we will be rolling out our very own 10- week HairOnPurpose series  again!! This series will provide an unique opportunity for young women ages 14 - 18  to learn  more about their hair, beauty and lifestyle. We understand now more than ever that young women are up against several social influences  that can have them not loving and embracing the very things that make them special and we seek to change the narrative! 

Our curriculum will cover the important education of all things hair and beauty related and will take our participants on an mind-altering journey of self discovery that ultimately supports them in loving themselves powerfully and unapologetically. 

Participants can look forward to :

-Learning about the history of hair and the importance of hair in our communities

-Learning all about their individual hair texture and how to maintain their hair in the healthiest and most purposeful way

-Learning the basics on how to create a #WashDay Routine

-Learning all about selecting products 

-Learning how to master hairstyles ideal for many textures 

-Learning  the importance of  how food, diet and exercise impact their overall health. Will have the opportunity to attend a fun cycling  and yoga class 

-Engaging  in purposeful activities that empower them to be unapologetic and embrace themselves fully

-Engaging with women of all ages who will share their hair stories and stories of triumph. 

-Each participant will have the opportunity to contribute to the HairOnPurpose Blog in real and tangible ways. 

-Each participant will be partnered with a licensed professional stylist that will become their mentor during the 10 weeks  and will receive an $100 credit to get their hair done! ( redeemable after week 5) 

-Each participant will participate in the HairOnPurpose photoshoot sponsored by a very special guest/brand

-Each participant will have the opportunity to attend an off-site field trip to a major company and will interact several industry leaders and professionals

-Each participant will be guaranteed a ticket to the 2018 HairOnPurpose Conference! and much much more! 

Sessions will begin on Friday, February 2 , 2018  from 6pm- 8pm and will end on until Friday, April 27, 2018 . All classes will be held at Brooklyn Works Center ( 159 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232) Off the "R" and only 4 stops from Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When is the application due?

The application is due February 2. 2018

2) How many participants will be accepted in this round?

There will be 10 participants selected in this round 

3) When will selected participants be notified?

Participants will be notified by  Sunday, February 4, 2018 by 7pm

4) If I am not selected to participate, can I reapply for the Spring Round?

Absolutely! We welcome all applications and look at each application individually!

5) I want to attend the HairOnPurpose Sessions, but won't be able to make it to every session. Am I allowed to miss any sessions?

All participants are allowed to miss up to 3 sessions. If any participant misses more than 3 sessions, then they will not be allowed to continue with the HairOnPurpse 10 Week Fall Class

6) I have more questions, how can I contact the HairOnPurpose Team?

You can send an email to and you will receive a response within 24 hours. 

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