Protective Styles

The Gold Wire trend made it's debut in 2017 when Celebrity Hairstylist Nai'vasha Johnson wrapped gold wire around Logan Browning's ponytail at Essence Music Festival. It was a look that captured the attention of many onlookers. How could you not stop and stare at the look, it was chic, sexy, easy and inexpensive. Since then the gold wires has popped up on our timeline showcasing the many different ways that this craft store accessory can spice up an ordinary look. Check out 8 Different Ways you can use the Gold Wire trend to add pop to y...

What’s the point in spending all of your energy and hard earned coins on washing and maintaining your hair, only to use tools that are dirty and full of product buildup? Cleaning your styling tools is easy to forget, but should be an integral part of your hair care routine. Here's a quick refresher on how to sanitize the most overlooked ones.  

1) Hair Brushes

Having a good hair brush is imperative to creating some of our favorite sleek styles, but because of their relatively inexpensive cost and frequent use, we tend to for...

Protective styles are a great way to maintain your hair in the winter time.  Braids allow you to wake up and go, leave the gym with your hair in tact and also rocking braids allows you the ability to switch up your style at an instant. Some believe that you don't have to necessarily wash your hair while rocking braids, but we think it is best practice to schedule at least one shampoo if you are wearing your braids anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

It may sound like a daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! See the HairOnPurpose appr...

The beanie hat is one of those hair accessories that are a MUST have in your winter closet! It’s comfy, cute, can be worn to enhance a style or let’s be honest…to hide our hair when we don’t feel like combing it!

Let's be honest, beanies can conceal those dreaded "Bad Hair Days"

No matter if you are natural, relaxed, wearing a weave or braids, Check out 10 fun ways to style your hair with beanie hat this winter!

Braids are an excellent go-to protective style for the winter! Rocking a beanie over your braids is a super cute way of keeping wa...

Who doesn't love a protective style?! In addition to giving our natural hair a break from daily manipulation and product usage, protective styling also plays a critical role in promoting growth. 

But, how do you recognize when it actually stops doing what it's supposed to? Here are 5 telltale pitfalls that literally take the "protective" out of protective styling: 

Your Protective Style is Too Tight: Ensuring that a hairstyle is secure is absolutely fine, but when your protective style ventures from secure to extremely...

Having a bad hair and don't want to bother with fussing with your hair today? The headwrap is the certainly the answer to your prayers! Whether you choose to rock a solid color or are one for festive designs, check out 10 different ways to wrap your hair with a wrap! Images courtesy: thewraplife 


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