#Natural vs #Relaxed

January 4, 2017


My name is Jamilia and I am 15 year old who loves my hair and every three months...dare I say it.... I GET MY HAIR RELAXED! Yes, I go to a professional who uses chemicals in my hair to straightened my naturally coily, kinky hair! Shout out to all the girls out there that CHOOSE to get a perm. I also want to show some love to the all the curly naturals reading this. The GIF below is for all you beautiful queens!  


But this post is basically to share that just because some of us choose to get our hair permed doesn't mean that we don't love and care for our hair. It simply means that we have exercised our individual right to decide what style works best for our lifestyle and what's easiest to maintain. I think the natural hair movement is cool, but I don't like they way some of us "perm lovers" are made to feel about our decision to get a perm.



Over the summer, I walked in a beauty store and was asked by a sales lady " Why don't  you want  to be natural? Your hair will be a lot thicker" Ya seee that was my struggle when I tried to be natural. It was toooo thick. I could barely put my hair in a ponytail and wrap it around twice without popping like 5 hair ties. No matter how patient I was, detangling was always a nightmare for me and very painful. One day, I asked my mom if I could get a relaxer. She told me that if I wanted to still get it in two weeks then she would take me. Two weeks went by and I still wanted a perm. I felt bad because I felt like I was quitting at first. Like I wasn't one of the strong ones who could  go through the "natural hair struggle"  and survive. But after doing some work with  Ms. Bukky ( she's so poppin)  I realized that I was a strong one because I made a well-informed decision to  take care of my hair the way I felt best. One day, I may choose to go back to my coily kinks. But for now...I am happy with my straight, relaxed hair...and I'm so BOMB. 


SO next time, your friend says she has a relaxer, or wants to get one. Don't make her feel bad and tell her she aint a G. Help her do some research and support her decision...Aight sis. 




Hair Flip and a Twirl,


Jamilia B.











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