What Confidence, Beauty & Hair Mean to Me

January 27, 2017

   What is confidence? Confidence is the feeling or a belief that YOU have in yourself, that you can accomplish something. People say that people with confidence are brave, but for me people who are confident are fierce, fearless, and outstanding. For instance, Beyoncé never listens to the haters because she is confident in herself and doesn't need other people's approval to believe in herself. I also believe that obtaining confidence for teenagers is key because, kids at that age seem to get bullied and tossed around, and if you can't say that you are beautiful and actually believe it then nobody else will.


   Beauty! Beauty is defined many different ways. Some people say beauty is when your pretty on the outside, but for me beauty is when you are gorgeous on the inside and outside. I believe that when you feel good about yourself that you are instantly beautiful. In our society people are bullied on their “looks”. In our society if your not pretty you aren't good enough. Like Christina Aguilera said, “you are beautiful in every single way.” So, like I said you are beautiful in and out, and should never ever let other people down. Your only critique is yourself the only person you need to listen to is yourself. If you say you are pretty than its the truth.

     Hair, my favorite thing (besides clothes and my birthday). Hair is one of the many features on your body, that make you who you are. For instance, my hair is curly, poofy, full hair makes me the fearless, and a sassy diva. I love my hair because, of the volume and softness, but other people's hair might be thin, or even really thick. Your hair is another sign of your personality. You are always supposed to love and take care of your hair because, it makes you… YOU.




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