Affordable Make-Up Brands for Deeper Skin Tones

February 20, 2017



In today’s article,  I will cover some great makeup brands that are affordable and don’t leave out deeper skin beauties. No matter your complexion or budget, there is wonderful makeup out there for you. In this lineup, I hope you find a few brands to look out for and learn some more great information about!






NYX Cosmetics


NYX is such a great brand! Their products can be found in the drugstore, beauty supply, Ricky’s NYC, Target,  their own stores, and on NYX has so many products from ranging from lipsticks to glitters to brushes and nail polishes, you will definitely find something that get your attention. I love their Roll On Eye Shimmers and I definitely recommend their Butter Gloss for the lips.







Elf Cosmetics


Elf is a really good beginner friendly brand because of their extremely low prices ($10 eyeshadow palettes and $3 lipsticks). However, low prices don’t always mean low quality. If you want to be beautifully highlighted on the cheeks, I recommend their Baked Highlighter or Shimmering Facial Whip for a pretty glow. They have their own retail stores and website and can be found in drugstores and in Target.




  1. BH Cosmetics

Every product I’ve purchased from BH has been worth the low price. This brand is hard to find stores, but their website is full is eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, and makeup brushes. I recommend their face powders, brow products, and face brushes.




  1. ColourPop is another online makeup company that serves everyone. They’re known for having almost every shade imaginable. Shipping is fast and prices that encourage product and color experimentation. I have tried and loved their Super Shock Shadow, Ultra Satin Lip, and Brow Pencil.




You can achieve any look with good products and good technique. Yes, high end or expensive makeup can be worth the money, but it’s always good to save a few dollars while buying makeup. :)


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