My Big Curly Hair Tutorial!!!

February 27, 2017

      So, if anyone was wondering how I do my hair, this is my hair routine! I'm also including the product that I use to condition my hair. This is what I do everyday. This is how my hair comes out big and curly.


Here is how I do my hair: Pictures are in order from left to right


1) I brush it out so that I don't have any knots

2) I use a leave-in-conditioner that you can get really anywhere, in any store in the hair section.

3) Then I grab a nice amount put in my hair, and scrunch it in.

4) I gently work the product through my hair 

5) Still working the product through, making sure I get the back and ends of my hair.

6) After that, I grab a blow dryer scrunch it and then flip my hair.

7) When I flip hair (continuing putting the blow dryer to my hair) I scrunch it again.

8)After I finish blow drying my hair, I scrunch it one more time until I'm finished.

9) Voila! This is my lovely secret hair routine to curly conditioned big hair!! 

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