Tips & Tricks For Your Applying MakeUp

April 17, 2017



Doing your makeup is a skill that gets easier over time and over time I’ve learned certain technique tips and tricks that have worked for me. Below are the best makeup tips that work for me when doing my eye and face makeup!


Foundation and Concealer:


Giving your complexion a more even appearance can be as easy as placing product over one or two dark spots or blending out foundation from left to right, it is whatever you prefer. To make sure a foundation matches place it on the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t too red or gray. If it looks like a good match then make sure by placing a small amount of product right above your chin and blend out. With foundation, there should be no unnatural tones coming through. When the foundation is looking a bit orange, red, or pink and doesn’t blend with your natural color, then there is a better match for you.


Concealer can be used to cover a dark spot and highlight. Concealer can be slightly thicker than foundations, but they should not feel heavy. Use it before or after foundation for extra coverage and used a slightly lighter color in the center or on certain features that you want to highlight, maybe under the brow or under the eye will add nice brightness to the face.


Eyeshadow and Eyeliner:


There’s an endless array of colors to wear on the eyes and anyone can pull off any color. You can definitely apply eyeshadow with your fingers, but with a few good eyeshadow brushes you will get a more precise application and a more blended look. Whether you are using your fingers or a brush, always gradually increase the color intensity whether the color gets brighter or darker. I like to press shadows onto the eyes instead of swiping to increase pigmentation and the products longevity.


To help your shadows blend more use a shadow that matches your skintone or a shade lighter all over the lid, this way the product will not stick to the oils on your eye and have a primer of the same texture which will help blending. If you want to make sure your eyeshadow stays put for hours, eyeshadow primers work to prevent creasing and make shadows more vibrant.


Eyeliner can be tricky and unforgiving. It’s a victory when eyeliner comes out even in length and thickness on both eyes. To make the process easier, I like to do the liner on the eye I’m probably going to mess up with. For example, I always like the way my right eye comes out, so I do my left eye first because I know I can match it when I do the right eye. Also, making sure you’re applying your eyeliner with your eyes open and not pulling on your eyelid is important. If your eyes are closed and you’re pulling your skin, when you open your eyes to see the outcome it probably won’t come out the way you’ve imagined.


With more and more practice you will find the best techniques for you. Nevertheless, keep experimenting with colors and trying new methods until you love your look!

I hope you learned something new and thanks for reading:)




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