Brown Girl Love Power Day

January 13, 2018



Inspiration. Sisterhood. Power. Those are the three words that come to our mind when we think about the amazing-ness and joy that filled the Brown Girls Love Power Day.  With highly curated and dynamic workshops and panels, this event was EVERYTHING. So many gems were dropped and no one left feeling uninspired.  Hear what  some attendees had to say about why they came to  BGL's Power Day and what they learned!  









And you know we couldn't go this event and not chat it up about beauty & hair in some way! We are always looking for organic opportunities to share with you all just how important it is embrace all the things that make YOU beautiful, unique and POPPINNNNNN, so we asked the guest speakers to answer this question for the HairOnPurpose cameras:


If you could give your younger self one piece of advice about your hair and/or about confidence, what would you say:


Here are the responses of some of the very powerful speakers that graced the Brown Girls Love Stage

Nicaila Matthews Okome, Founder & Host of Side Hustle Pro @sidehustlepro


 Gia Peppers, On Air-Talent & Entertainment Journalist @giapeppers



Christina Brown, Lifestyle Blogger & Founder of Brown Girls Love @lovebrownsugar 


Melanie White,  Mom & Entrepreneur @melaniemarie 



Dreena Whitfield, Top PR Professional @dreenawhitpr



Kim Roxie, Mom & Founder of LAMIK Beauty @thekimroxie





Check out more flicks from the event! And please follow the Brown Girls Love movement!! 







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