How To Determine Your Hair Porosity

January 17, 2018



Regardless of your hair texture, knowing its porosity level is the key to building a proper (and healthy) routine. However, it can be difficult to understand, so let's break it down: 


Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. If it's hard for your hair to obtain moisture, this means that you have low porosity. The cuticles are tightly compacted, making it difficult for water to simply pass through. The good news is that once the moisture is in, you can reap the benefits of moisture for a long period of time. 



On the other hand, if it's easy for your hair to obtain moisture, this means that you have high porosity. The cuticles are lifted with gaps on each strand, making it easy for water to pass through. The hiccup with this although absorption is easy, it doesn't last long. So those with this type of hair are more prone to dryness.



Curious as to where your tresses fall on the porosity scale? Keep scrolling for the 411 on three tests you can try in the comfort of your own home. 


Special Testing Note: Each strand on your head is different, so it's important to take strands from different parts of your head for more accurate results. 


Method 1: Sink or Float Test


Video Courtesy of Melissa Denise

Method 2: Ridge Test


Video Courtesy of JourneytoWaistLength


Method 3: Myavana Hair Analysis




Looking for a test that is more scientifically sound?  This mail-in service uses science and technology to test your strands and provide accurate results regarding porosity and other valuable information.

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