Grammy's 2019: Our Report Card of Your Fav Celeb Hair Looks

February 11, 2019

A night dedicated to music celebrated the artists and producers who have broken ground in the music industry this year. This year's show was cute, but let's be honest, we tuned in to see Cardi...Okkkurt and were more concerned about the styles that all of our fave celebs rocked to the most sought after event of the weekend. 


We went through and graded our favorite celebrities on their looks. Our scoring rubric is simple:


  • Did it give us all the vibes?

  • Is it an unexpected look for them? 

  • Can it be recreated to a functional style for the everyday women and girl like me and you?

In no particular order, here is a round up of all the looks from the carpet:


 Cardi B: A+


Man, when we saw this look hit the red carpet, we did a double take. It truly gave us all the vibes. Cardi is innovative yet classic, provoking yet relatable, she just does no wrong these days. She continues to be the princess of the ball and she deserves all the applause for this looks





H.E.R: B+


Strong curls and waves always set a look to the next level. The length was perfect, the curls were natural and not styled to perfectly. I do think the diamonds in the middle of her head took away from the hairstyle and distracted from the total look.






Janelle Monae: C


I'll be honest. I really wanted to fall in love with this look. I can always count of Janelle to give me a different look that showcases her innovative and free spirit, but something about this look just didn't do it for me. The pins, the hat, the unpolished ponytail just left me underwhelmed.











Alicia Keys: B+


We will get to her other looks of the night that I probably shouldnt grade because there was NO ATTEMPT at styling, but I'll focus on this red carpet look. That actually did give me the vibes. The sleek lower ponytail with big lucious curls in the back is a style we can certainly recreate and look great in.





Chloe & Halle: D


The girls always look beautiful, they really do, but the hair for this year's Grammy's didn't give me enough. I wanted more. They usually shut it down whenever they step on carpets, but this left me wanting more. I also wasn't a fan of the baby hair slick on Halle. I cant wait for that trend to end. 





Michelle Obama: A++


Yes, she wears this style all the time. Yes, she could switch up. Yes. I dont care. She's my forever first lady. She can do no wrong EVER. She could have walked on stage with a low pony after leaving a SOUL CYCLE class and yup...she would have still got an A. *shrugs*




Ashanti: B


I give this look a strong B. This is a departure from Ashanti's normal long locks and she spiced it up with some honey blonde highlights and I'm a fan. I love it. Kudos Ashanti











Ella Mai: B-


Our final report card look goes to Ella Mai. She gets a B because we are used to seeing this beauty with long bouncy curls, but she surprised us all with this short bob that really opens up her face. She's such a beautiful girl. The minus is only because I would have loved to see her add a cute accent bobby pin look to the side for a little extra umph.

















What did you all think? How did your favorite celebs measure up??

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